We’re two college buds making things and sharing what we’ve done. Making is a process. It’s messy, not always successful, but oh so much fun. Hopefully you learn something while your here.


Matt looking all science-y
Matt looking all science-y

Name: Matt

Background: Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Music, Education

Hi. I’m Matt. I build things.

I tend to gravitate towards the odd types of mechanisms from old textbooks rather than drones and robots. You’ll see through this site my crazy disparate interests so I won’t bother listing (we may run out of space pretty quick too).

I met Joe when we were both students at USC (the real one, go cocks :P) and we kept in contact after graduation and decided to start up this site. I hope you get some enjoyment out of it, or at the very least learn something.





Joseph Headshot
Joseph working hard shooting footage for work.

Name: Joe

Background: Graphic Design, Videography, Photography, Learning

Making is the most rewarding thing I do. First, there’s a glimmer, an idea, in your mind. You see something that can work better, or you need something functional, or you want to express yourself someway. There isn’t necessarily a clear path, but you wade through designing the thing and learning the how to accomplish your task. At the end, you have something you made with your own hands.

Not everything I make is a success, but I’ve tried and I’ve grown in the process. Hopefully you learn something from our site. Peace.


If you would like to reach either of us please email 4RT0FR4ND0MNE55@gmail.com