Mechanical Shears (Maychanisms #4)

Last but not least….. Maychanisms #4!

Not to reflect too early but I had a whole bunch of fun doing this. Constantly adding to my mechanism collection in my apartment… which is overrunning the shelf it resides on…

Also quick shout out: I ran out of filament when I went to print this. Luckily my friend had some in her apartment and she was gracious enough to let me borrow some so thanks Nance!

Here is #130from the 507 Mechanical Movements.

I thought this mechanism was the coolest and I finally designed it!

Its a cam driven pair of scissors/shears! I made a few cams to go with it. The video you see is with the larger cam in it.

You will need a 5/16″ dowel, 4x 5/8″ #6 screws, 2x 1/4″ #6 screws, and a rubber band. The crank, nut, and cams all have a flat on one side so shave or sand off a bit of that dowel. Try to make it fit as snug as possible.

The thingiverse number is here.

Here’s a video:

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