Quick Tip: Penny Shims

How’d all!

Life has been pretty busy, and I haven’t been in the shop to do anything for far too long. But I have a quick tip that seriously helped me out.

I built a standing desk last fall and finally got around to install it at work–this was before the time of this blog, so I don’t have any photos of the process. I kept a segment of my old sitting desk for the filing cabinet and to have another surface to stack stuff. I didn’t realize that the segment only had two walls, for lack of a better word, along a long side and a short side. It is absolutely not a safe surface for anything valuable (like my drill; R.I.P. 7/64 bit) or anything heavy (like my butt).

I had an old, internal CD drive lying around that was pretty close to the size of the gap below the filing cabinet side to sure it up and make it more steady. I had some duck tape and a jar full of forgotten pennies. Bingo! Two pennies stacked on each corner of the CD drive and some duck tape wrapped around and we we’re in business. Still a wobbly table, but definitely more sound than what is was. I can put about 30 lbs of downward pressure before it starts tipping. My mind is now at ease.

Pennies are pretty worthless in my pocket, I don’t know about you. They fill empty jars and couch cushions. But at .0598 inches thick, a penny can be a pretty good quick shim. Enjoy!

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